Be A Badass: Look Like A Gentleman

Kung Fu Details

It’s neat to see a open palm technique to manage distance, and provide a very definite boundary. Notice, again, how it’s not a strike; the defender keeps it outstretched and allows the attacker to run into it.

Should the attacker ignore the boundary, then there’s some heat added to it to bounce them away. This is done naturally by the grounding effect the attacker’s energy has on the defender. When the attacker runs into the defender, the defender’s structure sends the incoming force through his structure down to his heels. This provides the “grounding” effect that provides the support needed when the defender pushes back.

Also notice the use of straight line defense (umbrella to cane block), and circle line defense (the loop around with the hook once contact has been made).

There’s a lot going on in a very short time, and it’s fun to see it in action.