Announcing a new partnership with B&W Powerlifting Gym in Edgewater, Chicago! The premiere place to train since 1978.

Come join the BEST group (of 90+ members) on the north side to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu (what Bruce Lee learned to be Bruce Lee) in a low-pressure friendly environment designed to help you defend yourself from bad:

  • people,
  • ideas, and
  • decisions.

We’ve been running a weekly Meetup group for almost two years and we have a very high 4.9/5 star rating:

What our members have found most valuable about joining the group.


Currently we have a standing meetup on Sunday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm.

Feel free to stop in as your schedule allows; we’d love to see you there.

For more details (and to let us know you’re coming):

1:1 Training

Flexible Scheduling

If you’re looking to maximize your training time book a one to one training session. Whatever you’d like to work on, we can make it happen.

Hours are incredibly flexible; we can accommodate your availability as long as the gym is open we can make it work.

Find Us At Our New Home: