Escalation of Violence

On Not Feeling Motivated

We often have internal competition. We have a goal we want to achieve (outcome) and our current wants (desires & momentary feelings).

Many people give in to temporary feelings like wanting to watch Netflix, avoid making cold calls, taking a nap instead of going to the gym, etc. So what do you do when your temporary desire is in conflict with what you know you have to do in order to achieve your goal/outcome?

Escalation of Violence

In military and police circles there’s a concept that deals with how to [appropriately] respond to violence. If a person wants to yell, they can use a taser. If the person wants to use fists, they can use mace. If the person wants to use a knife, they can use a gun.

Whatever level of violence a person uses, the state-backed agent can *always* escalate to a higher level. No matter what.

So think of your mind and capacity for logical thought as the authority, and your temporary desire as a rebel. Maintain control. Fight back at those self-destructive desires. You know what’s best. Make it happen.

If you don’t control those momentary impulses, they will wind up controlling you.

It’s like a parent letting their children make all the decisions. Soon, the house is run by a tyrant and the parent is at a loss for how things got this bad.

Don’t let your inner child run your show. You’re in control; act like it. Any time you start throwing a tantrum, shut it down. Do not let the revolt continue. Escalate the situation beyond the comfort zone of your inner rebel, and maintain order in the direction of success.

This is why you are your own worst enemy.