Levels of Self Mastery

Wing Chun Kung Fu is the most efficient system at cultivating excellence, integrity, and personal value. The training curriculum establishes a rock solid foundation that all other virtues are built from.

Weak foundation yields unstable structures.

To give you a better idea of how this process works, let’s look at the levels of development.

Self Defense

In a dangerous world with malevolent forces, the first step is knowing how to protect yourself from those who want to do you harm. You’re under active attack, and you absolutely must do something about it.

This begins with understanding the principles that govern a body in space, and never violating them.

Self Protection

There’s no immediate threat, and you’re mindful of your surroundings, potential threats, and take active steps to mitigate their ability to negatively impact you.

Make sure your simple needs of shelter, water, food, etc. are taken care of.

Self Help

You’ve stopped digging yourself deeper into the metaphorical pit of despair.

Life isn’t actively awful, but it could be better. You have few ideas of what to do next.

You’re getting a job, accruing resources, and personal property.

Self Improvement

Life is on the upswing. You’re mostly stable, and starting to think about friendships, romantic relationships, and connecting with other people.

You’re coming into your own as a social creature, and realizing there’s more to life than living for your own reasons.

Self Mastery

You’ve gained the respect of quality people.

You can look yourself in the eyes without feeling sick to your stomach. You’re gaining status in your circles, you’re getting stronger physically mentally and emotionally.

You’re starting to exercise positive freedom (freedom to) instead of simply negative freedom (freedom from).

Self Transcendence

You’ve turned from looking inward to looking outward.

You have a deep desire to live a virtuous life to the benefit of all living things in the universe.


Wing Chun Kung Fu is the most effective system at navigating you through each of these stages. The fundamental principles its built on (and woven through the system) are applicable at all levels of analysis.

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